Solo Exhibition, 2003
This first video is from my Solo Exhibition in 2003 at Wollongong City Gallery in N.S.W Australia. It was also seen playing on the Astorbug at the Experimenta Exhibition at the Black Box Theater in Melbourne in 2003.

Fracking Repair Droid Wiring.
See below how the wiring is done in the Fracking repair Droid. A futuristic reapir machine designed to correct all the subterranean cracking damage caused by the 21st century hydraulic fracking that was done to extract fuel gas.

Here you can discover my techniques for hand crafting the work entitled Organized Fat.
See how I mark out and hand cut the shape from a square block of aerated concrete and develop an amazing work movie magic record time. Really it took a few weeks but this will only take about ten minuets to watch.

Passion Droid construction video…
Passion Droid 2003 is a remote controlled Lighting Object, see this production video showing you some of the steps to construct this work, including shots of the electronics too. My apologies for the very bad image quality, this was a copy of an old VHS Video Tape copy…

Fracking Repair Droid Emitter Core Disks.