Fabulous and Futuristic Technology the 1950s SCi-Fi Movie Genre.

6 Jul

Discover how you can own your choice of my High tech, Funky, Fresh and Unique art!

Hello, Scott here; All of the special art works I have designed and produced are now available to you to invest in. Electroentomorphics as I call these works, are part of an on going collection of Sci-Fi, Funky, Lighting Objects and Machine Creatures I designed and produce with a feel for all of the fabulous and futuristic technology the 1950s SCi-Fi Movie and the quality and finish of the best hand crafted lighting objects you will find. They also use efficient modern lighting components and electronics too.

You will need to contact me to select your favourite work from my current collection via email or phone; see the First Contact page for details. To be sure of securing your selection, please contact me and we can arrange your holding deposit and receive your shipping, packing and insurance details.

Thank you for your interest, Scott.

Science Fiction Machine examples

Science Fiction Machine examples