Hi Scott here, On this page I thought you may want to see some video of my work, but to start with today I have added this video below where you will discover an overview of my time at Wollongong City Gallery as the Resident Artist for 2002/3.

I shot this and directed it as well as did most of the editing and set the music score along with help from Garry Govers of OTV in Wollongong N.S.W. Australia.

Let me know what you think about it.


Discover how I designed and produced the 100% Eros work!

This video shows you the process from initial concept sketches at the start, and you get to see my process from design to completion!

Here you can discover my techniques for hand crafting the work entitled Organized Fat.

See how I mark out and hand cut the shape from a square block of aerated concrete and develop an amazing work movie majic record time. Really it took a few weeks but this will only take a few moment to watch.

Passion Droid 2003 a remote controlled Lighting Object, see this production video showing you some of the steps to construct this work, including shots of the electronics too.

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