Electroentomorphics Now Available To The Art Investor

For Immediate Release!

Melbourne, June 24th, 2011

For the first time some of the unique 3D Lighting Objects designed and produced by the Melbourne based visual artist and Industrial Designer Scott Branden, are now offered to the private investor and art collector! Previously only a few works had been made available and sold to a major public gallery, Wollongong City Gallery in the state of New South Wales Australia.

Technically Savvy, an inventor from an early age, and a designer by qualification and experience, Scott has designed and produced some of the most interesting and unique lighting objects. He started his career in art as a child, moved into Industrial Design, and then re emerged later when he became resident artist at Wollongong City Gallery in New South Wales Australia in 2002.

Scott gained significant preeminence from several exhibitions including his Solo Exhibition in 2003 and from various media coverage such as TV news coverage, news papers and radio interviews, and he is now writing a book about his art.

Industry expert Ian Were, then editor at Object Magazine said ” The design of Scott Branden is fast and furious and full of fun — it’s also thought provoking and well crafted. Scott Branden is a vibrant and astute designer, artist. He’s part of a new breed of artists who are making objects that are bold, accessible and utilitarian. A designer with an artist’s flair and an artist with a background in industrial design and invention.”

Electroentomorphics Group

First Time released to the Private Collector!

First Time released to the Private Collector!

Electroentomorphics are now available for purchase!

For the first time some of my works will be offered to the private collector and to the public!

For more about how you can invest in my other works please make your inquiries soon via the First Contact page from the Electroentomorphics menu button.; inquire now to ask if your favourite can be yours.

You can supply an amount of 10% as an option fee toward placing a hold on any one or more of the works you may intend to invest in.

Update: We have had some inquiries already so please contact us soon to be sure you can secure your most desired work.

Secure yours now because time is limited. Your favourite may be about to sell so please act now!!! Call or email, you will find my contact information see the First Contact page from the Electroentomorphics menu button.


Works that have already been acquired are:

– LustMite production version number 0; this is the all Aluminium ( Aluminum ) version.

– LustMite Blue version number 1; owned by Wollongong City Gallery N.S.W. Australia

– Update! August 2011, Lustmite 3 of 9 colour Indigo has been purchased! Red and Green are available.

– Passion Droid; owned by Wollongong City Gallery N.S.W. Australia




Welcome to my Unique Science Fiction Machine Lighting Objects world !

Thank you for visiting, you won’t be disappointing here. My work is unique, original and exceptionally well produced with the greatest attention to detail.


I have a background in Industrial Design and 3D computer modeling as well as extensive hands on workshop experience and qualifications too.

Please see the Portfolio page first.

When you would like to discover more about my work or when you may want to invest, please email or call via my contact information on the First Contact page.

Again, my thanks.