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Here is my first Book Proposal. Tell me what you think may need changing as it is only a draft, thanks.

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Submitted September 19th 2011
Working title – From Passion to Priceless

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Working Titles

1. From Passion to Priceless
2. OuterSpace Meets Modern Living
3. No Beige!

About this book

From Passion to Priceless provides the answer to the mediocracy that can be found in art, and offers an alternate sound investment solution for the art investor today.

It introduces a new genre in art for the art investor, gallery curator and art lover alike and showcases this new high quality art as a good investment during times of volatile markets.

It chronicles the personal story of a child genius from first inventions, early art works, through to his work as a Senior industrial Designer and Prototype developer and showcases his awesome Electroentomorphic art of today as featured on ‘Our House’ lifestyle TV show, TV news and major newspapers, providing an insight into this new genre of the art world.

The book also includes a section that helps meet the growing demand for simple, practical and step by step advice for new art investors with respect to the foundations of making sound investment selection when investing in visual art and acts as a guide for the seasoned art collector.

What makes this book unique?

There are several reasons why this book is unique

1. It introduces the wealthy art investor to both a qualified designer and emerging visual artist and also ushers in what has been described by Ian Were of Object magazine as effectively a new genre in art that the avid art investor will be hungry to explore.

2. It is about an emerging artists story so the art work is fresh and represents an opportunity for the wealthy art investor to discover new territory.

3.The author has extensive experience from the Industrial Design Industry and credibility from exhibitions, and as a Resident Artist at a major regional gallery, and having been showcased on TV news, national news papers, radio and various magazines.

4. Most art books bang on about the same stuff time and again, this book is an exciting and refreshing challenge to the status quo because it is all about that which is Hi-tech, Funky, Fresh and Unique.

Define the target markets for this book?

From Passion to Priceless is written for discerning art investors who are interested in finding something new, such as a new genre of high quality art which has a certain je ne sais quoi and who would like to understand the provenance of their purchase. But it is also aimed at anyone interested in investing in an emerging artists work such as Gallery Curators, Corporate art collectors, and new art investors who will want to get in early before they may be priced out of the market, or who are just starting to build their portfolios.

But theres more, From Passion to Priceless chronicles the story of a child genius and his journey from inventing a Planetary Gear System at the age of five, through his early art training to becoming a Senior Industrial Designer and Prototype developer.

It is not a mass market title but will appeal to people, who in the broader sense, will have a passion for the new, for SCi-Fi technologies, SCi-Fi movies, Product Design as well as all things new and avant guard in Visual Art.

Also current research into the health of the Australian Art market shows Sotherby’s buoyed by intense bidding and top prices paid at the top of the market during August 2011.

What problem will you be solving for the reader?

This book seeks to provide the solution to art investors with a new and exciting genre within which to enjoy and invest. It solves the problem of difficult decisions about selection within an already burgeoning market of sameness and sometimes mediocracy in some of the traditional art market segments.

This work is fresh and new, it is of the highest quality and incorporates some new lighting and new energy technologies.

Ian Were of Object Magazine says
“ The design of Scott Branden is fast and furious and full of fun — it’s also thought provoking and well crafted. Scott Branden is a vibrant and astute designer / artist. He’s part of a new breed of artists who are making objects that are bold, accessible and utilitarian. A designer with an artist’s flair and an artist with a background in industrial design and invention. Branden has a lot to say about his work and how it fits into the world. His imagination runs wild; he’s lively to talk to and enthusiastic about life and art.”

Competitor books and what makes this title different?

There are numerous titles available in the art world that provide a plethora of subjects to choose from covering all kinds of art, from picture books to reviews that pay homage to a particular style or artist.

From Passion to Priceless aims to show how the social power of art can be used to make the un-cool and misunderstood, acceptable and OK. This will allow the audience to first become awesomeized by the object, and then discover how it works and what energy technologies drive it.

Because the object will be immediately accepted, so too will the technology even before anyone has had time to understand the principles behind it.

What is the ultimate benefit of your book for the reader.

From Passion to Priceless introduces the art of Scott Branden and showcases this emerging artist by offing the reader and art investor the opportunity to discover more about this awesome new machine like art and lighting objects, and gain an excellent investment at introductory prices at the beginning of the artists career.

About Scott Branden.

Scott Branden is a man on a mission because he is passionate about what he does and will waste no time telling you all about it too!

He has a reputation for quality, and has already gained much media exposure on Our House lifestyle TV show, national newspapers, magazines and on national radio too.

Scott constantly delivers outstanding unique designs and quality that people love because of his background as an intuitive inventor, his hobby of designing and growing Bonsai Trees, his industry experience in the Industrial Design industry as a Senior Designer, and his R&D and prototype design and construction experience. Scott is also a qualified Environmental Design Scientist who has worked with boutique design studios in Sydney.

He has also been the resident artist at a Wollongong City Gallery in New South Wales Australia. Which explains why he was selected to exhibit one of his special works at the Experimenta House of Tomorrow project in Melbourne to some 48K people in 2003.

Draft contents page.
The following draft contents page outlines the proposed structure of this book:

• Introduction
• Child Genius
• The Inventor
• The Artist
• The Designer
• No Beige!
• Prototype
• The 4 screens of madness
• Swapping Mouse for metal
• Success at First
• Electroentomorphics
• The Tree Change
• Resurrection
• Future on Fire
• Another book in the pipeline
• Publishing resources

Back cover blurb.

Scott Branden is an astute designer with an artists flair and the intuitive power of an inventor. He is a dynamic and enthusiastic creator of unique SCi-Fi Lighting Objects and Machine Creatures he calls ‘Electroentomorphics’.  

With a background in Industrial design, R&D and Prototype construction his retro Sci-Fi art creates an awesome new universe of passion and delight.
From Passion to Priceless is his story of trial and success on a journey to succeed against a financially challenged upbringing and tells of a remarkable child genius, gifted with a prolific and intuitive inventive ability, and of why he reacts against mainstream mediocrity .  .  .  and of course No beige!

This book is an inspirational must-read for those wishing to be inspired to fulfil their own passion and purpose in life.
Ian Were from Object Magazine writes ;
“The design of Scott Branden is fast and furious and full of fun —
it’s also thought provoking and well crafted. Scott Branden is a
vibrant and astute designer / artist. He’s part of a new breed of
artists who are making objects that are bold, accessible and
utilitarian. A designer with an artist’s flair and an artist with a
background in industrial design and invention. Branden has a lot to
say about his work and how it fits into the world. His imagination
runs wild; he’s lively to talk to and enthusiastic about life and
art. His objects could be described as funky — that is, exciting,
pleasurable, human; an up-tempo style such as that which originated on
the US west coast in the 1960s as a reaction against the New York
style of cool abstract expressionism — but they are a step beyond
Scott Branden has been a serial entrepreneur who now fuses science with art to create his passion for innovation and produces fine works of art that encapsulates that innovation and makes it priceless.

Promoting this book.

I can be available for in-store book signings, and I can be run book signings at exhibitions to sell my book direct.

I will have an email list building opt-in form on my WebSite with a free 20 page report for visitors and this leads to a landing page where they can purchase my book. Also my book will be advertised on my website for direct purchase via Amazon etc.

In addition my WebSite ranks number one on Google and covers the whole of the front page for my name in Google, so I am findable.

I have an association with a major regional gallery in N.S.W. And they will have copies and information available for visitors to purchase. Last but not least I have been featured on TV news, TV lifestyle shows, national newspapers, radio and in magazines so this gives credibility and shows that I have pre-eminence in my field.

Sample Chapter

Availabe soon.

Proposed length

Approximately 40,000 words.

Manuscript delivery timeframe

Six months from signing the contract.

How to Write a Book

Well its now a few weeks into my KPI Accelerator program, on overload almost and trying to fit book writing into my hectic schedule of insaness. How to write a book about my work as an artist, has raised some perplexing issues. Do I write about my whole story, or just cover the art stuff? Do I write a retrospective woven into the fabric of a picture book?


100% Eros leg detail

100% Eros leg detail

Or do I cover some more provocative issues that I believe art can do? For example my idea that art can be a social vehicle, a catalyst of acceptance to make the impossible invention seemingly OK by presenting the unacceptable contrivance in an acceptable package of cool awesomeness could be the focal point of my book. Here I refer to my intention to build a particular work that has one of the many fringe energy producing technologies in it, if people like and accept the work they will have a difficult time backing out of that after they find out what is powering it. I am referring to using say, a Tesla Radiant Energy collector circuit to power one of my works. So far we have built a small test unit that output 2 volts and 10ma. Not bad really, I just need 3 volts and 50ma, so a bit more R&D and I’ll have it.

But this kind of fringe tech would normally bring howls of retribution from the so called ‘Laws of Thermodynamics’ crowd who are so quick to shut down anything that their ‘Laws’ will not permit even without looking at it. Clearly that is not a scientific approach. Anyway real science is about investigation not stagnation.

I may choose to go with a magnetic generator, I have a design that seems to work OK but a better prototype must be built yet and more testing done. At this stage it uses a magnetic field shield to partly reduce the power of some of the magnets thus allowing others to interact and run the device forward. Cool!

But getting back to the book, I must think ‘Series’ not just ‘Book’, so it comes as no surprise that I have a whole wooly cloud of ideas, stories, anecdotes, facts and innovations swirling around in a soup of stress mixed with concrete. Stuck you may say, as to what is the best first book idea. It needs to be doable, I need to keep it relevant to topic, and I need to be sure not to confuse the whole thing by mooshing all my book idea concepts into a ragtag mess of literary languish.

So my solution is to Mind Map all my ideas, group them by context i.e. whats is related to what. This gives idea groups that will form book ideas, so each group is in effect a new book and can be given a working title. I now have several titles and grouped book ideas . . .easy!

The main point is avoid the desire to put everything you know into the one book! This is the main problem I was having, too much information and not enough focus. In the design world there are a couple of sayings; Less is More, and Keep it Simple, this is so true for the pursuit of book writing. I have therefor decided to focus on the introduction of my art to the art world and hold back my other book ideas for latter titles.

If you want more info about writing your first book check these great resources out; and


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I will be starting this course this week and I will update this blog page with my progress so you will get a good idea of the great benefits this course offers the budding entrepreneur or business person seeking to accelerate their success moving forward.

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Fabulous and Futuristic Technology the 1950s SCi-Fi Movie Genre.

Discover how you can own your choice of my High tech, Funky, Fresh and Unique art!

Hello, Scott here; All of the special art works I have designed and produced are now available to you to invest in. Electroentomorphics as I call these works, are part of an on going collection of Sci-Fi, Funky, Lighting Objects and Machine Creatures I designed and produce with a feel for all of the fabulous and futuristic technology the 1950s SCi-Fi Movie and the quality and finish of the best hand crafted lighting objects you will find. They also use efficient modern lighting components and electronics too.

You will need to contact me to select your favourite work from my current collection via email or phone; see the First Contact page for details. To be sure of securing your selection, please contact me and we can arrange your holding deposit and receive your shipping, packing and insurance details.

Thank you for your interest, Scott.

Science Fiction Machine examples

Science Fiction Machine examples