Life Reset Button

Life Reset Button 2003 MDF, stainless steel, recycled emergency stop button, electronics

This object came about from discussions I have had during the 1990’s with a friend of mine who is a Master Engineer… the back story and more is below the images.

LLife Reset Button Front Angle

Life Reset Button Front Angle

LLife Reset Button Front part Angle

Life Reset Button Front part Angle

LLife Reset Button Top Trimetric View

Life Reset Button Top Trimetric View


LLife Reset Button Front Trimetric View

Life Reset Button Front Trimetric View


Life Reset Button Rear Lower View

Life Reset Button Rear Lower View


Life Reset Button Rear Trimetric view

Life Reset Button Rear Trimetric view


Life Reset Button Rear View

Life Reset Button Rear View


Life Reset Button RH Side View

Life Reset Button RH Side View


Life Reset Button Green Cycle

Life Reset Button Green Cycle


Brenton would often refer to an imaginary ‘reset button’ on the wall in his office that he would pretend to push, after a hard week at work, or as a way of getting back on track with either a project or just with
the way life was going from time to time.

I found this entertaining and quite funny to watch him press that imaginary reset button… 😀

This captured my imagination so I made a real one! Its called the ‘Life Reset Button’



It has a vox module so it makes a sound effect and it’s voice tells you
your life has been reset after you press the big red button! It can be
programmed to speak any language you want.

This completely imaginative and non-functional device that really,
really doesn’t work, at all, reads your thoughts and feelings about
your particular situation and recent history and generates repairs to
your local time line to match you current needs. It would be best used
when things are not going to plan and the world has gotten on top of
you a little.

If the button functioned, it would be operated by the user gently
placing both hands on the big red actuator button, one over the top of the other and thinks about how the life situation needs to be, once
this image remains fixed in the users mind and the mind scanning
sequence is done the button may be depressed. With an effervescent rush of emancipation coursing through the body the unit propels the user into an alternate time line. This can take about five to ten seconds usually.

There are two mode settings. The first would allow the user to change the existing time line within a 100 kilometre radius or so, and the other creates a new parallel time line. The latter mode is usually preferred as it remains possible to go back to your time line entry point and retain all changes once the improvements you wanted have been established in it. This mode is good for repairing unexpected defects in your life, small things such as avoiding injures and accidents, car breakdowns, recovering lost items and the like. The second mode would produce a complete change in your time line and is for the most part a permanent change and therefore irreversible.

Making changes within this mode requires more skill on the users’ part to master the Life Reset Buttons capabilities without inducing errors caused by the users’ erratic thinking during the brain scanning stage. Again the effective radii is around 100 kilometres but this will depend on the complexity of your time line change requirements and some other environmental factors of which are explained in full in the Users Guide.

A note of caution, too sever a change criteria can result in unexpected results around the interface of the perimeter area of the effective radii and the remaining unchanged world. An example of this phenomenon is a whole highway being routed elsewhere in your changed world because you didn’t like some aspect of your drive past a particular area such that the road just runs into a field and stops no longer meeting up with existing roads just out side your effective radii!

The power supply that generates the quantum field effect that makes the changes around you is of the ‘Zero Point Energy’ type derived directly from the Active Vacuum at approximately some 10 trillion joules per second per cm2 magnitude since matter is energy compressed by c2. The actuator unit that induces the quantum field generator to start however is powered by just four double A batteries!

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