The Entrepreneur Revolution & The Key Person of Influence

24 Oct

Goodbye to the Industrial Revolution, Say hello to the Entrepreneur revolution!

Is this Key Person of Influence thing just theory? Or is it the best thing you will find to boost your business and profile?


As you will find on the website the program takes you over a 30 week extraction process, this is where you get the right advice and support to enhance your pitch, your profile, your per-eminence and more! There are accountability groups too that help keep you on track.

This system is made up from the five ideas grouped in sequence, and they are:

1) Pitch | You need a Perfect Pitch to get your message across fast
2) Publish | You need a Book to gain per-eminence
3) Product | You need a Product, i.e Gift, Pay for, Core etc.
4) Profile | You need to be findable on Google
5) Partnership | Create a Win/Win moving forward

These all converge to form a synergy that will clarify and amplify your message, your product and your profile. You will become to be seen as the expert in your niche and this can lead you to becoming well connected and this leads to greater opportunities for your business.

KPI is a 30 week program, not consisting of boring seminars and work books, but it is an extraction process delivered to you via face to face groups with top people in their industry who have done what they teach. You get direct access to these top performers and you get to benefit from their expertise. And the advantage of this 30 week length of this accelerator program is that you get loads of time to get the most from your mentors, including Webinars, live seminars I have called “Livinars” : ) and audio and email feedback too. You get to talk with these people face to face and ask all the questions you like!

They will help you to define your Pitch so your target audience will ‘Get’ what it is you do without stumbling over long or negative explanations of what it is you do.

Imagine this, an accountant is asked the networking question “What do you do?” and he/she says “I’m an accountant, but don’t hold that against me!” Clearly this is just not going to foster an interested response and may in fact put potential customers off. With KPI you will get your pitch perfected so people will want to know more.

But wait! . . . there’s more! The experts help you refine your niche and help you out with by fine tuning your Perfect Pitch. They will get you writing what may be your first book that will help you gain that preeminence I mentioned and they will show you how to create your product bundle. You will also learn how to become goggleable so you and your business can be found easily on the net. And lastly, developing win/win Joint Ventures is where its at to boost you further than you can imagine right now.

For your chance to get on board goto or this very second. Why now? because each intake is limited, last time I checked there were only 50 places! Good luck and see you there.

Scott Branden KPI.

Oh and here’s the intro video too: See if you can spot me! I’m the guy with the Dreds just left of center in the seats right at the start of the video. My Alfred Hitchcock moment!