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Here is were I will add all the invest now info so you can purchase my work direct right here on line.


I will be using a specialist art handeling company for packing and shipping so you can be sure my work will arrive unscathed and in perfect condition.


Each work will be packed within a ‘Helmet’ box, a kind of crash helmet so the work will withstand a drop of 1m or so without damage.  Also there will be included, a pack and repack manual, a handling and display requirements manual, cotton gloves, microfiber cloth and a repair manual with schematic if any repairs are required to the electronics where fitted.

How to Invest

To invest please e-mail or Phone / Fax Scott Branden with your expression of interest here:
Mobile/Cell: 0432 911 177
Australia: 03 9751 1319
International: 61 03 9751 1319

We accept a deposit of 10% of the value of the art work to secure your order. This amount is part of the purchase price and is refundable if you change your mind before packing and shipping ** see notes

We are in Australia, however investment prices can be compared to your currency with the use of an exchange service such as Please note you may find some difference in the calculated exchange rate and the actual amount debited from your account due to dollar price fluctuations during any delay in funds transfer. 3DGurus in not responsible for this or any other changes or fluctuations. This change if applicable may be more or less than the quoted price.

Ways to pay : We accept bank cheques, cash, however direct deposit is – preferred. Bank details for direct deposit are available after you have secured your art work with your order inquiry and deposit via PayPal.

Our response time to inquires: We should respond to your inquiry within two to five working days at most but we can not guarantee this will always be the case due to work load or public holidays. However, we appreciate your interest and will make every effort to be prompt with your inquires.

Goods and Services Tax: What is GST and who must pay it? This is applicable to Australia only, at the rate of 10%. Prices in Australian dollars for purchases within Australia are inclusive of a Goods & Services Tax (GST) currently at 10%.

Overseas residents who are having artworks freighted to their overseas address are exempt from paying GST. To calculate the price less GST divide the Australian dollar price by 11 and subtract the eleventh. e.g. A work priced at $1000 inclusive of GST divided / by 11 = $90.91 minus – $1000 = $909.09 AUD

Freight / Insurance / Shipping: We can arrange freight, insurance and packing, however these all incur an additional cost from us and will depend on your location relative to us and the type of Art Work to be packed and shipped. You may arrange these yourself if you prefer. As costs vary depending on many factors we reserve the right to add any additional costs this may incur as appropriate.

Sale Contract All works come with a contract of sale that includes the requirement that all subsequent purchasers pay a 5% artist resale royalty based on the then future price of the sale. This Royalty is payable to the artist Scott Branden by the new owner at the time of all future sale events. This is in recognition of the Copyright value encapsulated in the original art work.

Explanation of Sale Contract, example: If I write a book I keep the original and sell copies. When I make an original art work I can only sell the original, this means the only way to receive income from sales is from the sale events of the original work each time it exchanges hands hence the need for the Contract of Sale.

Sale Contract NOTE: This Contract of Sale in NO WAY is a transfer of copyright, Copyright always remains with the copyright owner Scott Branden. This Sale Contract can be made available to prospective investors.

Notes: ** There will be a policy included on this Site to cover the terms of refund.

Warranty: We will be including some form of warranty for our work to effect repairs if required. Freight and insurance as required will be the responsibility of the investor / purchaser.

Disclaimer: We will be including a disclaimer, so until then we disclaim everything except our copyright details and rights to claim compensation for our art work, royalties and images.


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