How to Write a Book

18 Sep

Well its now a few weeks into my KPI Accelerator program, on overload almost and trying to fit book writing into my hectic schedule of insaness. How to write a book about my work as an artist, has raised some perplexing issues. Do I write about my whole story, or just cover the art stuff? Do I write a retrospective woven into the fabric of a picture book?


100% Eros leg detail

100% Eros leg detail

Or do I cover some more provocative issues that I believe art can do? For example my idea that art can be a social vehicle, a catalyst of acceptance to make the impossible invention seemingly OK by presenting the unacceptable contrivance in an acceptable package of cool awesomeness could be the focal point of my book. Here I refer to my intention to build a particular work that has one of the many fringe energy producing technologies in it, if people like and accept the work they will have a difficult time backing out of that after they find out what is powering it. I am referring to using say, a Tesla Radiant Energy collector circuit to power one of my works. So far we have built a small test unit that output 2 volts and 10ma. Not bad really, I just need 3 volts and 50ma, so a bit more R&D and I’ll have it.

But this kind of fringe tech would normally bring howls of retribution from the so called ‘Laws of Thermodynamics’ crowd who are so quick to shut down anything that their ‘Laws’ will not permit even without looking at it. Clearly that is not a scientific approach. Anyway real science is about investigation not stagnation.

I may choose to go with a magnetic generator, I have a design that seems to work OK but a better prototype must be built yet and more testing done. At this stage it uses a magnetic field shield to partly reduce the power of some of the magnets thus allowing others to interact and run the device forward. Cool!

But getting back to the book, I must think ‘Series’ not just ‘Book’, so it comes as no surprise that I have a whole wooly cloud of ideas, stories, anecdotes, facts and innovations swirling around in a soup of stress mixed with concrete. Stuck you may say, as to what is the best first book idea. It needs to be doable, I need to keep it relevant to topic, and I need to be sure not to confuse the whole thing by mooshing all my book idea concepts into a ragtag mess of literary languish.

So my solution is to Mind Map all my ideas, group them by context i.e. whats is related to what. This gives idea groups that will form book ideas, so each group is in effect a new book and can be given a working title. I now have several titles and grouped book ideas . . .easy!

The main point is avoid the desire to put everything you know into the one book! This is the main problem I was having, too much information and not enough focus. In the design world there are a couple of sayings; Less is More, and Keep it Simple, this is so true for the pursuit of book writing. I have therefor decided to focus on the introduction of my art to the art world and hold back my other book ideas for latter titles.

If you want more info about writing your first book check these great resources out; and