How to get an Art Gallery to view your work fast?

1 Jan

Heres the thing, whenever I’ve been in an Art Gallery you could almost fire a gun off and no one would notice! Why . . . because its empty, no one is in there, and if there are some people wandering around lost in there, they are not taking up the staffs time asking to buy something because these visitor are possibly not buyer traffic anyway, and the staff don’t seem to be actively engaged in selling anything to the lost ones either. And why are Art galleries open all hours?

I had this idea that I would setup an event style of art display for my work, i.e. fixed opening times of say, 12pm to 3pm then again from 6.30 pm to 10pm or whatever. An entry fee of a say $20, with drinks, pumping music e.g. Chemical Brothers – “it began in Africa”, and a floor plan layout that guides the visitor though a maze that my work is displayed in one art work at a time, showing the concepts, prototypes, videos and the completed works, and at the exit is the hats, and signed Tee shit shop with myself there signing my book for book buyers and chatting with the visitors (buyers)! All this is aimed at wowing the buyer targeted traffic and getting them to invest, or at least by the book!

So It seems to me from what I have seen the Gallery, who ever they are, has plenty of time to at least look at new stuff that may sell better and then make them more money. Maybe they could have one staffer on the internet looking for new stuff, or maybe hire a VA in the Philippines for a couple of dollars per hour to do that. In fact maybe Galleries could hire a VA to communicate with the Galleries best investment . . . the artists who are supplying them with their stock in trade and new artists who would like to supply them.

So I would really like Galleries to get a front end to deal with artists!

When I go to almost any art Gallery site I can not find even their email address or phone number some of the time at least not with out a search. its like they have this unspoken policy of “we don’t want you”. All they need is an autoresponder such as Aweber set up to say “thanks, we have received your email, we’ve deleted it and were never getting back to you” or maybe “Thanks for your interest with respect to discussing if your art may suite our Gallery clientele, but we’re still never going to get back to you . . .” Yes I’m joking but all jokes aside they need some kind of information system that helps them automatically leverage todays new internet technologies and find new artists and communicate with them in a timely manner.

I have had loads of press, TV, Radio etc, and I’ve been a resident artist, but since then its been an uphill battle!

If anyone of you reading this can say if they know of a favorite Gallery anywhere on the planet they think my work will go with please let THEM know. Thanks everyone : )

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