Fracking Crazy! Sean Lennon talks about why Fracking needs to be stopped.

4 Sep

WARNING! Fracking for gas is big business and will get bigger, both in NY where this doco below is concerned but also here in Australia if you do nothing to stop this insane craziness.


See Artists Against Fracking official website is here at


There is even this site where you can download the pro-Fracking/investment PDF to see the other side of the argument here;

Download the against PDF here: And here is the video doco about why I think this is NUTS.


One of the big issues with this is that the concrete casing apparently can fail causing gas to leak into the surrounding rock and then into the water table .  .  . bad. And acording to the doco about 6 to 7 % of these drillings start leaking as soon as they are made! Worse still about 50% leak after about 50 years or so.


Here is Sean Lennon talking about asking govenore Cuomo to stop Fracking going ahead via their movement called Artists Against Fracking at


So my question is why is it that those who seek to invest their money always insist in engaging in clearly potential risk to health projects with as much bullshit as they can muster only to land us all in their shit 20 maybe 30 years later?

For example; Asbestos was a really great commercial idea once, Thalidomide will cause no harm the your unborn child, cigarettes are good for you most doctors recommend brand X, Cane Toads will eradicate that pesky beetle, DDT is not harmful, Prickly Pear will look great in your garden and so on . . . Mental or what!
Honestly, how long do we have to put up with this crappy thinking?