Electroentomorphics (C)

You will find unique finely crafted individual works of a humorous Sci-Fi flavour, produced in new and re-purposed high quality materials. I have invented a name for my Lighting Machines; Electroentomorphics this is strictly copyright protected and is not to be used without prior consent, NOTE: Copyright Scott Branden 2003 all rights reserved. Also the name Electroentomorphic is also subject to the same Copyright notice.

All works are supplied with a sale contract that requires the owner to ensure that the new purchaser pay a resale royalty in recognition of the Copyright  value *  direct to the Artist Scott Branden to an amount of 5% of this future sale price. This is now Law in Australia!! In addition I seek to implement and enforce this resale royalty globally.

Read the Invest Now page for your how to own information.

* Note: Copyright always remains in ownership of the Artist and is not transferred in any sale

100 Percent Eros Front View

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