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My inventive ability began at about the age of five when I devised a ‘Sun Gear’ system to reverse the rotational direction of a drive shaft. Later my art work started as a child with a passion for landscape painting that was self taught at first, using oils on canvas. Studying as a teenager under Raymond DeCusack in the Haymarket, 9 Parker Street Sydney in the early nineteen seventies, I developed skills in painting technique, colour mixing and perspective. I progressed into Surrealism as I was already designing paintings that were of this style. Amongst my favorite artists are Salvador Dali for his fabulous imagination and Paul Cezanne for his structural use of colour as these were similar to my own developing style. Several of my early canvases remain intact today that reflect some of these elements. Later I studied life drawing and drawing at East Sydney Technical College at summer schools and during my time at University I studied life drawing and rendering for three years using pastels, markers and charcoal on canson paper.

After my school years I left the art world to eventually pursue Product Design and became an Industrial Designer working in research and development. Although spurred on mainly by my inventive talent and a more rewarding career path that promised an outlet for my copious quantity of innovative ideas, I found to my dismay the design industry was not as I had assumed, as innovation and research and development did not appear to be highly regarded here in Australia. Becoming disillusioned with this industry my focus turned back to my roots as an artist. My efforts have now been rewarded by redeveloping my career from Industrial Design to Industrial Art by being selected as the resident artist at Wollongong City Gallery for 2002- 2003.

Fundamental influences have been my love of science and science fiction; my sense of humour; my intuitive inventive ability and my Product Design background. These influences combine to invigorate the surrealist, the engineer, the inventor and the designer and they combine to produce an enhanced passion for my work today in art. Through my work in art I seek to expose a sensual, colourful and sometimes humorous Sci-Fi character in a fine work, producing that which may be considered a sentient being in its own right. With the use of modern technologies, new and re-purposed materials and construction methods my art offers enduring quality to the owner. Examples of my current works are displayed here on my Web Site, please enjoy.

Curriculum Vitae


Art Major in High School in 3 unit Art. Sculpture, oil painting – Surrealist and Landscape as major works. 1976
High School Industrial Arts, Technical Drawing, Material Science and Metal Work
Life Drawing, East Sydney Technical College summer schools 1975-6
Landscape Painting and colour systems for oil painting with Raymond DeCusak, summer schools 1975-6
University of Canberra Bachelor of Applied Science – Environmental Design, major in Industrial Design 1986/89
Photography studies- Black and White and darkroom – University of Canberra
Small Business Management Loftus TAFE 1993
NEIS Small Business Course 1997
pro/ENGINEER 3D Computer Aided Design software Basic to Advanced Part, Surface & Assembly certificates InterCAD Pty. Ltd. 1992/5
Spanish Language Course Wollongong TAFE 1994/5
Public Speaking Course WEA 1998
Startrek – A History of the Future – only kidding : )

Interests & Activities

Art – Surrealism, Dada Surrealism, cubism, impressionism, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Art Nouveau
Photography – Advertising, Corporate, Scientific, Portraiture
Design – Product design, Architecture, Rapid Prototype and pattern replication technologies
New Energy technologies, Space exploration, Quantum Mechanics, Computer technology,

Innovation – from inventing at age 5 to working as a Senior Industrial Designer in Research and Development producing concept origination, invention, 3D CAD work, model making, prototype development and styling.


Resident Artist 2002-2003 Wollongong City Gallery
Inaugural Sprocket of the Year Award for Innovation – University of Canberra 1987

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