In the future age of discards, an offspring of the chemopolyplastitic electrodynamic mating between an abandoned Astor Television set, a brand of television set that once sold in Australia, and a childs discarded ‘Mr Potato Head’ toy infused with the carcinogenic spirit of plastic has resulted in the emergence of a sentient television creature .  .  . the AstorBug!

AstorBug Lower Rear Trimetric View

AstorBug Lower Rear Trimetric View


Able to seek out new frequencies and new television Stations the AstorBug is an Electroentomorph (C)* that has an indomitable voltage driven by the perpetual electron wishing to be converted into a colourful bunch of photons, along with a little sound!
AstorBug has appeared at Experimenta House of Tomorrow Exhibition at the Black Box Theater, Melbourne Arts Centre September 3rd to October 4, 2003.

Astorbug is an Electroentomorphic© Machine Creature and Television device that can receive Analog UHF television signals between channels 21 to 69 as well as receive a video line input. It has TV scanning buttons on its back and an optometric lens over its eye/screen.


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