100% Eros

This is your introduction to this poisonous creature that preys on other Electroentomorphic creatures such as the LustMite.

100%Eros 2002 aerated concrete, stainless steel, electronics and recycled components

Its name is 100 Percent Eros or 100%eros, it possesses a long stinger used to disable its prey on contact by thrusting forward and impaling its victim and zapping them with a violent electrical charge rendering the prey inactive.

Here is a video showing you the design and production of the 100 % Eros Electroentomorphic Machine Creature.


A 100%Eros, despite it’s name, is fundamentally a detrivore and is an efficient recycling creature. See the images of it here below, and when you get the opportunity, go see it live at my next Electorentomorphics© exhibition!


One Hundred Percent Eros front view

100% Eros front trimetric view


100 Percent Eros Front View

100%Eros Front View



100 Percent Eros Closeup Leg Detail

100%Eros Leg Detail



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